Starfish of Sweden
is developing an innovative, patented market platform to shield patients from conditions known to initiate pressure ulcers.

The idea and solution simplifies and disrupts repetitive, costly wound management by maintaining healthy skin conditions and patient comfort.

• Micro-vascular circulation maintained by unique non-contacting patterns

• Skin temperature & humidity reduction

• Reduced shear & improved comfort by deformable self-activated “pillows”

• Improved self-ventilation system

• More effective than it is expensive 

• Integrates directly into standard practice and distribution

• MDR class 1

Our vision
is to provide effective patient positioning support and thereby address the healthcare sector's need to provide conditions that maintain skin integrity in a market where pressure ulcers are one of the most costly and fastest growing problems.


A platform of products backed by scientific evidence of superior effect over currently available products.

We plan to set a new standard in both healthcare, and in other sectors where positioning conditions put patients at risk of developing pressure ulcers.


Our products will also be able to meet high sustainability goals at cost margins that enable profitable distribution in developing countries.

We are developing a product platform to minimize skin conditions initiating pressure ulcers primarily within category 1and therefore indirectly, also more severe categories.


80% of the health care sectors cost (the largest market share) related to pressure ulcers are linked to category 1 and 2 pressure injury.

Our initial market is the healthcare sector where caregivers are highly receptive to improved patient support solutions and new alternatives to current products which show limited success in prevention of pressure ulcers, or bedsores.

Hospitals operating above capacity – patients are treated in the hallways / Dramatic increase of octogenarians in large cities. Demographic growth in large cities / Elderly develop bedsores despite zero-goal / Pressure ulcers are often unnecessary suffering. If all at-risk patients had preventative mattresses, counties would save SEK 400M ($40M) / We’re getting older, placing demands on society.

  • Pressure ulcers cost global healthcare an estimated  $500 (€500) billion each year.

  • The cost within EU is between 4-5 % of the countries total healthcare budget.

  • In Sweden, the cost of treatment of a single pressure ulcer is around 1755 SEK (€160) per day.

  • Studies in Sweden and in other European countries show more than 1 in 5 patients in-hospital suffer from pressure ulcers.

  • Studies show that today’s pressure-preventive foam mattresses (standard of care) don’t adequately prevent pressure ulcers. In a best case scenario they marginally prolong the time before it they occur.

  • Advanced mechanized mattresses are somewhat more effective but very expensive and uncomfortable.

  • Only 4,4 % of patients that are considered to be in a risk group receive pressure-preventive treatment.

  • Treating pressure ulcers is up to ten times more expensive than preventing them.

Starfish of Sweden holds a utility patent, granted by Swedish PRV in on 11 April, 2023. The international PCT application published in February 2023. Our application process began with PRV as a seamless path to EU and USA filings. Additional international applications isare in progress.

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