Starfish of Sweden  N E W S   February 15, 2024

Percy Nilsson (picture to the right) and Greg Dingizian, two well-known and highly respected Swedish business profiles, become key investors in Starfish of Sweden.

Bed sores are not something that bothers Percy Nilsson and Greg Dingizian. But they guarantee half of the capital round that the startup company Starfish of Sweden wants to make.


Starfish of Sweden  N E W S February 15, 2024

Jim Roslund, chairman of the board and acting CEO of Starfish of Sweden about the journey from magnificent vision to innovative reality - and the next step towards success.

The interview is in Swedish – 37:48 min.


Starfish of Sweden  N E W S  Januari 30, 2024

Starfish of Sweden celebrates a granted patent exciting results from the first pilot study.

In addition to the approved Swedish patent, Starfish of Sweden has also filed an international, published PCT application. The PCT international search report found novelty in all claims filed. The Starfish of Sweden team is presently finalizing patent applications in additional key market regions,- primarily Europe (EP) and US.


In parallel with IP process , Starfish of Sweden has produced prototypes and developed  unique measurement methods to measure proven to contribute to the initiation of pressure ulcers (Mmicro-blood flow, oxygen supply to tissue, temperature, and humidity).


With this measurement method as a basis, a first pilot study has been carried out. The study was conducted with persons lying down on a mattress version of Starfish of Sweden's support surface under simulated a healthcare facility conditions. The pilot study was performed by domain specialists, researchers, and doctors from Lund Institute of Technology and was conducted in climate chambers at LTH with regulated temperature and humidity conditions. The pilot study compared a “standard of care" mattress product used today vs. Starfish of Sweden’s solutions. The study results indicate show very exciting trends in skin conditions. Starfish of Sweden’s mattress showed a 24% higher micro blood flow, a 20% higher oxygen supply, 0,5 C° lower average temperature and a much lower temperature development. A subsequent and significantly more extensive Ppilot study  will begin shortly and is expected to demonstrate the superiority of Starfish of Sweden's solution in a greater person sample


About Starfish of Sweden

Starfish is developing an innovative, patented market platform to shield patients from conditions known to lead to pressure ulcers. The Starfish solution simplifies and disrupts repetitive, costly wound management by maintaining healthy skin conditions and patient comfort. Pressure ulcers cost global healthcare an estimated $500 billion each year and the cost within EU is between 4-5% of the countries’ total healthcare budget. Our vision is to provide effective patient positioning support and thereby address the healthcare sector's need to provide conditions that maintain skin integrity in a market where pressure ulcers are one of the most costly and fastest growing problems. We provide a platform of products backed by scientific evidence of superior effect over currently available products. We plan to set a new standard in both the healthcare industry, and in other sectors where patient conditions leading to pressure ulcers are a problem.