Jim Roslund
Co-founder • Chairman of the Board

Jim Roslund holds a degree in marketing, communication, organization and business development. He is a strategic leader with over 20 years of experience from starting up, building and developing companies, working in Board of Directors and Board of Advisors.

Jim Roslund has an extensive experience in and passion for taking a business case from the early idea stage to a commercial and well-established product or service.

Jim Roslund is driven by creating growth in an often new way with a clear added value for both the own organization and the customer, and he is extremely passionate about developing the market rather than follow it.

Rickard Dahan
Co-founder • Member of the Board

Certified physiotherapist, MSc, since 1993. Specialized in sports medicine and orthopaedics.

With a career as a former professional footballplayer, Rickard Dahan has continued to work for many years with physical as well as mental performance and rehabilitation in teamathletes as a part of the Swedish mens nationalteams in both football and handball. He is also CEO and founder of one of the largest sportsmedicine clinics in the south of Sweden, Kulan Idrottsskadecentrum.

Furthermore, Rickard Dahan is involved in different scientific research studies with Lund University where he also has been teaching and giving lectures. He also holds numerous boardmemberships in various businesses.

Tim Kovac
Co-founder • Member of the Board
IP / Business Development

Contributes broad experience managing business strategy, market research, corporate venture capital, and product development.

With experience from founder to senior management roles in medtech and from startups to large corporate distributors, he has innovated product and business solutions in several therapeutic device categories for over 30 years.

Active in business consulting and startups, Tim Kovac focuses on business strategy, market verification, IP development and product innovation.

Jonas Ahlqvist
Founder • Member of the Board
Innovator / Conceptual designer / Art director

Jonas Ahlqvist has a long and solid experience as mainly conceptual Art director and graphic designer in both Sweden and Denmark, including large international advertising agencies.

Over the years, Jonas Ahlqvist has developed a unique ability to find conceptually simple and strong solutions to difficult communicative challenges. A competence he has now taken further in technical areas.

Johan Jensen
 Partner • Member of the Board
Investor Relations

Johan Jensen is the CEO of Jensen Corporate Finance AB where he is providing advanced financial advisory services to companies and helps them in conducting fundraising, M&A, and out-licensing deals.

Johan Jensen has more than 35 years’ experience from Investment banking and Corporate Finance and holds a master in finance and economics. He is board member in 3 life science companies and investor in a number of not listed companies.

Anders Wallseth
  Partner • Member of the Board
Investor Relations

Anders Wallseth has worked 15+ years in senior management positions in the Life Science industry. He has extensive international commercial experience from a global corporation, Danaher, and has lived and worked abroad for a number of years. Before joining Danaher, Anders was Partner in a consulting company within executive search, management assessment and leadership development. 

Anders holds an EMBA from Copenhagen Business School. Since January 2024 he runs Wallseth Consulting AB where he combines investments, board positions and hands-on work to accelerate growth in companies that are part of his investment portfolio. He is passionate about teamwork and gets energy when he can help others succeed.

Michael Hermansson
 Partner • Member of the Board
Investor Relations

Michael Hermansson holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Gothenburg. Michael has an extensive industrial experience (+35-years), having worked in several
large Swedish owned industries (ABB and Sandvik), mostly abroad. He has been running two major PE-owned companies (Gas Control Equipment AB and SafeRoad A/S). Furthermore, he has been involved in more than 30 acquisitions transactions.

Michael brings to the table a broad industrial experience, as well as knowledge from leading publicly listed company (AdderaCare AB) and expertise from several BoD assignments.

Sam Aston
 Partner • Member of the Board
Investor Relations

Sam Aston is the CEO of Netset. He has over 25 years entrepreneurial experience from the Technology industry whereof 20+ years as CEO.

Sam started as a technology consultant working within Retail in Switzerland for a global client. He has also worked within the energy and pharmaceutical sector for global clients.

Sam is an investor, business leader and serial entrepreneur within the tech industry. He is especially focused in growing business and delivering customer value. He has a vast experience in finding talents and has been working with recruitment, mentorship, career coaching for the past 20 + years in his role as CEO and entrepreneur for several different companies.

Sam has a vast network and is member of the board within several companies and organizations amongst which Malmö University can be mentioned. He is often hired as a mentor to highly skilled professionals helping them taking the next step in their career and to develop abilities to be part of an executive management team or member of the board.

Sam holds a degree in M.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering. He also studied economics at Stockholm School of Economics. Besides this he has degrees in Business administration from Ahrens University and Copenhagen Business School.

Jonas Cederfjäll
Business Strategy Partner

Jonas Cederfjäll started his career in IT while studying for a degree in economics at the university of Lund. Jonas quickly worked his way up as a Sales Manager Europe for VeriSign INC. At the age of 22, he started his first company. Since then, he has run and been a partner in more than a handful companies in the area of business to business.

Jonas Cederfjäll has extensive experience and knowledge in business development. Jonas has great business acumen and is passionate about starting and developing a business case to achieve a finished product in various areas, based on what he believes is missing in the current market. This is achieved by the remarkable natural gift of spotting pros and cons in whatever market he puts his mind on. In addition to this, Jonas Cederfjäll vast experience in different markets has given him the rare experience to spot potential, not only in companies, but also in business potential in products and market needs.

Briar Karim
Investor Relations Partner